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Please Note: Affiliation of Assessment Agencies is on hold, please wait till next intimation. Please Note: Our new office address: 6th Floor, GNG Building, Plot No. 10, Sector - 44, Gurugram, Haryana - 122004. Request: For any personal meeting please visit us between 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Mon-Fri with a prior appointment. Note: Please note Sector Skill Council would entertain Affiliation related communication and meeting only with Permanent employees duly authorised by Directors of the Entity ( Interested in Affiliation) and would not deal / communicate with any Consultant / Liasion agency or any other Third Party. Note: Freelance trainers who are not affiliated to any Training Provider and meet the pre-requisite trainers qualification criteria can also participate in the Train the Trainers (TOT) Program

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National Occupational Standards

Agriculture & Allied- Qualification Packs (QPs) & Model Curricula
Certificate of Industry validation

Standards under Public View

Click on the tab below to view the Occupation Standards drafted by Agriculture Skill Council of India duly approved by the Industry.

These Occupational Standards are open for public viewing for a month. All those who have participated in development and validation of standards as well as the industry are informed by the ASCI that the Occupational Standards have been published for comments.

Any comments or feedback can be addressed to Dr. Satender Singh Arya, Chief Executive Officer at ASCI on

All comments/ feedback received during the period will be responded to by Agriculture Skill Council of India.

After one month of public viewing, these standards will be promulgated as National Standards.

Agri & Allied Standards Under Public View

Standards Under Industry Validation

The tab below includes the Occupational Standards which are currently under Industry Validation.

These standards are uploaded for public to share comments or observations to ASCI.

These standards could be used by any training organization to build curriculum and use them for training purposes on the condition that when the industry validation is completed, if required, there can be necessary changes in the curriculum by ASCI.

For any clarifications please write to Dr. Satender Singh Arya, Chief Executive Officer at ASCI on

Agri & Allied Standards under Industry Validation

Drafts Standards

Below mentioned tab includes the draft Occupational Standards, for few job roles only. The Occupational Standards for other job roles are currently in the development stage.

These drafts are uploaded for public viewing so as to enable anyone for sending in any comments or observations. In the draft state, they are not meant for building any curriculum or any other allied activity.

For any clarifications please write to Dr. Satender Singh Arya, Chief Executive Officer at ASCI on

Agri & Allied Draft Standards

Last updated: 20 Sept 2017

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QP / NOS Model Curriculum

Agri Crop Production

QP-Paddy Farmer

Model Curriculum - Paddy Farmer

QP-Maize Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Maize Cultivator

QP-Pulses Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Pulses Cultivator

QP-Wheat Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Wheat Cultivator

QP-Cotton Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Cotton Cultivator

QP-Soyabean Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Soyabean Cultivator

QP-Sugarcane Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Sugarcane Cultivator

QP-Jute & Mesta Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Jute & Mesta Cultivator

QP-Organic Grower

Model Curriculum - Organic Grower

Agri Entrepreneurship & Rural Enterprises

QP-Agri-Input Dealer

QP-Institution Development Manager

QP_Group Farming Practitioner

Model Curriculum_Group Farming Practitioner

Agri Information Management

QP-Agriculture Exetension Service Provider

MC - Agriculture Extension Service Provider

QP-Agriculture Extension Executive

QP-Agriculture Field Officer

QP-Community Service Provider

MC-Community Service Provider

Amenity Horticulture & Landscaping

QP-Apprentice Interior Landscaper

QP-Assistant Gardener

MC-Assistant Gardener

QP-Assistant Groundskeeper




Model Curriculum - Gardener

QP-Hydroponics Technician

QP-Interior Landscaper

QP-Nursery Worker

Model Curriculum - Nursery Worker

QP-Rooftop Gardener

QP - Gardener cum Nursery Raiser

Model Curriculum - Gardener cum Nursery Raiser

QP-Heritage Gardener

Animal Husbandry

QP-Animal Health Worker

Model Curriculum - Animal Health Worker

QP-Artificial Insemination Technician

Model Curriculum - Artificial Insemination Technician

QP-Goat Farmer

Model Curriculum- Goat Farmer

QP-Piggery Farmer

Model Curriculum - Piggery Farmer

QP-Veterinary Clinical Assistant

QP-Veterinary Field Assistant

Commodity Management

QP-Agri Commodity Procurement Manager

QP-Agri Commodity Quality Assayer

QP-Agri Research Analyst

QP-Produce Mapping Surveyor

QP-Commodity Account Manager

QP-Electronic Trading Supervisor-Agri Commodity

QP-Risk Analyst Manager-Agri Commodity

Dairy Farm Management

QP-Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC) Operator

MC-Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC) Operator

QP-Chilling Plant Technician

MC-Chilling Plant Technician

QP-Dairy farm supervisor

Model Curriculum -Dairy Farm Supervisor

QP-Dairy Farmer- Entrepreneur

Model Curriculum-Dairy Farmer

QP-Dairy Worker

Model Curriculum - Dairy Worker

QP-Milk Route Supervisor

MC-Milk Route Supervisor

QP-Milk Tester

MC-Milk Tester

QP-Village Level Milk Collection Centre Incharge

MC-Village Level Milk Collection Centre Incharge

Farm Mechanization & Precision Farming

QP-Agiculture Machinery Demonstrator

QP-Agriculture Machinery Operator

QP-Agriculture Machinery Repair & Maintenance Service Provider

QP-Custom Hiring Service Provider

QP-Farm Workshop Foreman Supervisor

QP-Farm Workshop Manager

QP-Greenhouse Fitter

Model Curriculum - Greenhouse Fitter

QP-Greenhouse Operator

Model Curriculum - Greenhouse Operator

QP-Harvesting Machine Operator

Model Curriculum - Harvesting Machine Operator

QP-Irrigation Service Technician

Model Curriculum-Irrigation Service Technician

QP-Micro Irrigation Technician

Model Curriculum - Micro Irrigation Technician

QP-Operator Reaper Thresher & Crop Residue Machinery

QP-Pesticide & Fertilizer Applicator

Model Curriculum - Pesticide & Fertilizer Applicator

QP-Service and Maintenance Technician-Farm Machinery

Model Curriculum-Service & MaintenanceTechnician-Farm Machinery

QP-Solar Pump Technician

Model Curriculum - Solar Pump Technician

QP-Tractor Mechanic

Model Curriculum-Tractor Mechanic

QP-Tractor Operator

Model Curriculum - Tractor Operator


QP-Marine Capture Fisherman Cum Primary Processor

Model Curriculum - Marine Capture Fisherman cum Primary Processor

QP-Aquaculture Technician

Model Curriculum - Aquaculture Technician

QP-Aquaculture Worker

Model Curriculum - Aquaculture Worker

QP-Aquarium Technician

QP-Aquatic Animal Health Lab Assistant

QP-Brackishwater Aquaculture Farmer

QP-Crab Farmer

QP-Feed Technician

Model Curriculum - Feed Technician

QP-Fish Retailer

Model Curriculum-Fish Retailer

QP-Fish Seed Grower

Model Curriculum-Fish Seed Grower

QP-Fishing Boat Deckhand

QP-Fishing Boat Driver_SMV Less than 20 OAL

QP-Fishing Boat Maintenance Worker

QP-Fishing Boat Mechanic

Model Curriculum-Fishing Boat Mechanic

QP-Fishing Equipment Technician (Electronics)

Model Curriculum-Fishing Equipment Technician (Electronics)

QP-Fishing Gear Technician

QP-Freshwater Aquaculture Farmer

Model Curriculum - Freshwater Aquaculture Farmer

QP-Hatchery Manager

Model Curriculum - Hatchery Manager

QP-Hatchery Production Worker (Fisheries)

Model Curriculum - Hatchery Production Worker (Fisheries)

QP-Inland Capture Fisherman cum Primary Processor

Model Curriculum-Inland Capture Fisherman cum Primary Processor

QP-Mariculture Operator

QP-Ornamental Fish Technician

Model Curriculum - Ornamental fish technician

QP-Pearl Culture Technician

QP-Shrimp Farmer

Model Curriculum-Shrimp Farmer

QP-Aquaculture Fabricator

QP_Fisheries Extension Associate

Model Curriculum_Fisheries Extension Associate

Forestry & Agroforestry

QP-Bamboo Grower

Model Curriculum - Bamboo Grower

QP-Forest Nursery Raiser

Model Curriculum - Forest Nursery Raiser

QP-Lac Cultivator

QP-Non-Timber Forest Produce Collector

MC-Non-Timber Forest Produce Collector

QP-Timber Grower

Other Allied

QP-Barefoot Technician

Model Curriculum-Barefoot Technician


Model Curriculum - Bee Keeper

QP-Climate Change & Risk Mitigation Manager

QP-Mushroom Grower

Model Curriculum - Mushroom Grower


Model Curriculum-Sericulturist

QP-Vermicompost Producer

Model Curriculum - Vermicompost Producer

QP-Plant Tissue Culture Technician

MC-Plant Tissue Culture Technician

Post-harvest Supply Chain Management

QP-CA Store Technician -Operator

Model Curriculum - CA Store Technician/Operator

QP-Cold Storage Manager

Model Curriculum - Cold Storage Manager

QP-Cold Storage Supervisor

Model Curriculum - Cold Storage Supervisor

QP-Cold Store Keeper

Model Curriculum - Cold Store Keeper

QP-Packhouse Worker

Model Curriculum - Packhouse Worker

QP-Ripening Chamber Operator

Model Curriculum - Ripening Chamber Operator

QP-Warehouse Worker

Model Curriculum -Warehouse Worker

QP-Supply Chain Field Assistant

Model Curriculum - Supply Chain Field Assistant

QP-Agri Warehouse Supervisor

QP-Agri Commodity Fumigation Operator

Poultry Farm Management

QP-Broiler Farm Supervisor

Model Curriculum - Broiler Farm Supervisor

QP-Broiler Farm Worker

Model Curriculum - Broiler Farm Worker

QP-Chick Sexing and Grading Technician

Model Curriculum - Chick Grading Technician

QP-Hatchery Incharge-Poultry

Model Curriculum - Hatchery In charge Poultry

QP-Layer Farm Worker

Model Curriculum-Layer Farm Worker

QP-Poultry Farm Manager

Model Curriculum - Poultry Farm Manager

QP-Poultry Feed, Food Safety & Labelling Supervisor

Model Curriculum - Poultry Feed Food Safety and Labelling Supervisor

QP-Poultry Shed Designer

Model Curriculum - Poultry Shed Designer

QP-Hatchery Operator

Model Curriculum - Hatchery Operator

QP-Small Poultry Farmer

Model Curriculum - Small Poultry Farmer

Production Horticulture

QP-Bulb Crop Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Bulb Crop Cultivator

QP-Citrus fruit Grower

Model Curriculum - Citrus Fruit Grower

QP-Coconut Grower

QP-Coffee Plantation Worker

Model Curriculum - Coffee Plantation Worker

QP-Coriander Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Coriander Cultivator

QP-Essential Oil Extractor

QP-Floriculturist-Open Cultivation

Model Curriculum - Floriculturist (Open Cultivation)

QP-Floriculturist-Protected Cultivation

Model Curriculum - Floriculturist (Protected Cultivation)

QP-Flower Handler-Packaging & Palletising

Model Curriculum-Flower Handler-Packaging & Palletising

QP-Friends of Coconut Tree

Model Curriculum -Friends of Coconut Tree

QP-Mango Grower

Model Curriculum - Mango Grower

QP-Banana Farmer

Model Curriculum - Banana Farmer

QP-Medicinal Plants Grower

Model Curriculum- Medicinal Plants Grower

QP-Neera Technician

Model Curriculum-Neera Technician

QP-Solanaceous Crop Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Solanaceous Crop Cultivator

QP-Tea Plantation Worker

Model Curriculum - Tea Plantation Worker

QP-Tuber Crop Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Tuber Crop Cultivator

QP-Vineyard Grower

QP-Vineyard Worker

QP-Chillies Cultivator

Model Curriculum - Chillies Cultivator

Seeds Industry

QP-Quality Seed Grower

Model Curriculum - Quality Seed Grower

QP-Seed Analysis In Charge

Model Curriculum -Seed Analysis In-charge

QP-Seed Plant Production Supervisor

Model Curriculum-Seed Plant Production Supervisor

QP-Seed Processing Plant Technician

Model Curriculum -Seed Processing Plant Technician

QP-Seed Processing Worker

Model Curriculum - Seed Processing Worker

Soil Health Management

QP-Soil & Water Testing Lab Analyst

Model Curriculum- Soil & Water Testing Lab Analyst

QP-Soil & Water Testing Lab Assistant

Model Curriculum- Soil & Water Testing Lab Assistant

QP-Soil Sampler-Collector

MC-Soil Sampler-Collector

Watershed Management

QP-Community Mobilizer

QP-Village Water Technician

Model Curriculum - Village Water Technician

QP-Watershed Assistant

Model Curriculum - Watershed Assistant

QP-Watershed Consultant

QP-Watershed Manager

QP-Watershed Supervisor

QP-Watershed Engineer

No QPs available under public view till now.

Standards Under Industry Validation

Drafts Standards