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Please Note: Affiliation of Assessment Agencies is on hold, please wait till next intimation. Please Note: Our new office address: 6th Floor, GNG Building, Plot No. 10, Sector - 44, Gurugram, Haryana - 122004. Request: For any personal meeting please visit us between 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Mon-Fri with a prior appointment. Note: Please note Sector Skill Council would entertain Affiliation related communication and meeting only with Permanent employees duly authorised by Directors of the Entity ( Interested in Affiliation) and would not deal / communicate with any Consultant / Liasion agency or any other Third Party. Note: Freelance trainers who are not affiliated to any Training Provider and meet the pre-requisite trainers qualification criteria can also participate in the Train the Trainers (TOT) Program

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Training and Learning Resources

To assist in efficient delivery of training, videos can be used as an effective tool. The table below lists some YouTube videos related to number of Agriculture Job Roles. The videos can be viewed by copying the link provided, in your browser.

*Kindly note that the copyrights of the videos belong to their respective owners. This section provides links to publicly accessible videos on third-party video hosting websites like YouTube. These links are provided for educational and training purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

S.No Search Engine Video Link Topic Sub Topic Details Time Duration Language QP NSQF Level
1Youtube Bee keeping Assistant5.1English
2Youtube Bee keeping Assistant9.13English
3Youtube Bee keeping Assistant10.45English
4Youtube sampling producerHow To Grow a Mulberry Tree From a Cutting4.56English
5Youtube Handicrafts MakerTraditional skills of carpet weaving in Fars9.59English
6Youtube CultivationPaddy CultivationSystem of Rice Intensification9.5EnglishPaddy farmer4
7Youtube CultivationPaddy CultivationSRI method of Rice Cultivation (Nalanda, Bihar)9.26HindiPaddy farmer4
8Youtube CultivationPaddy CultivationPaddy cultivation using SRI Technology15.2MalyalamPaddy farmer4
9Youtube CultivationPaddy CultivationWeeding Through Manual Conoweeder (Paddy) ASA BIHAR5.46HindiPaddy farmer4
10Youtube CultivationPaddy CultivationMethod Of SRI Transplantation Hindi ASA MP5.37HindiPaddy farmer4
11Youtube CultivationBanana - Commercial Cultivation49.21EnglishBanana Farmer4
12Youtube CultivationBanana Cultivation (Kannada) 56.42KannadBanana Farmer4
13Youtube SystemDrip IrrigationNetafim India drip irrigation system- Maintenance Movie in Gujarati14.32GujaratiMicro-irrigation Technician4
14Youtube SystemDrip IrrigationDrip irrigation Hindi PRADAN Madhyapradesh15.32HindiMicro-irrigation Technician4
15Youtube SystemDrip IrrigationNDJ DripKit: Installation Guide and maintenaceDemo with Eng SubtitleMicro-irrigation Technician4
16Youtube SystemSprinkler IrrigationHow to design a lawn sprinkler system20.29EnglishMicro-irrigation Technician4
17Youtube SystemDrip IrrigationIRRIGATION SYSTEM DESIGN & INSTALLATION9.31EnglishMicro-irrigation Technician4
18Youtube ConstructionHow to construct Polyhouse.avi14.21HindiGreenhouse Fitter4
19Youtube CultivationGREENHOUSE CULTIVATION IN INDIA17.29HindiGreenhouse Fitter4
20Youtube CultivationProtected CultivationCapsicum Cultivation in Green House, IIHR15.22EnglishProtected Farming of Vegetable4
21Youtube (Cucumber) CultivationProtected CultivationProtected cultivation of cucumber22.35HindiProtected Farming of Vegetable4
22Youtube CultivationProtected CultivationCultivation practices of Gerbera in a poly house 21.12MalyalamFloriculturist (Protected Cultivation)4
23Youtube (Dutch Rose) CultivationOpen Field CultivationDutch Roses in Open Field12.19EnglishFloriculturist (Open Field Cultivation)4
24Youtube CultivationProtected CultivationProtected cultivation of flowers dr k c kashinatha bhadranna18.45KannadFloriculturist (Protected Cultivation)4
25Youtube HusbandryDairy FarmingModern Dairy Farm.mpeg18.49EnglishDairy Farmer4
26Youtube HusbandryDairy FarmingFortune Dairy10.25TelguDairy Farmer4
27Youtube HusbandryDairy FarmingBest Practices in Punjab - Dairy Farming in Village Bahadurpur6.49PunjabiDairy Farmer4
28Youtube HusbandryDairy FarmingHarjinder Dairy Farm16.49PunjabiDairy Farmer4
29Youtube HusbandryDairy FarmingHelp for set up any type of Dairy Farming8.1HindiDairy Farmer4
30Youtube HusbandryDairy FarmingDairy farming Hindi Access Madhyapradesh11.52HindiDairy Farmer4
31Youtube HusbandryDairy FarmingCommercial Dairying Part 1 (revised)55.3EnglishDairy Farmer4
32Youtube HusbandryDairy FarmingCommercial Dairying Part 2 (revised)55.48EnglishDairy Farmer4
33Youtube HusbandryDairy FarmingCommercial Dairying - part 1 (Kannada)0.042951388888889KannadDairy Farmer4
34Youtube HusbandryDairy FarmingCommercial Dairying - part 2 (Kannada)0.043159722222222KannadDairy Farmer4
35Youtube KeepingBee keeping : dwarf honey bees14.26MalyalamBee Keeper
36Youtube KeepingMadhumakhi Palan24.49HindiBee Keeper
37Youtube KeepingBee Keeping31.53HindiBee Keeper
38Youtube KeepingBee Keeping20.17HindiBee Keeper
39Youtube RearingSilkworm Rearing37.53EnglishBee Keeper
40Youtube RearingSilkworm Rearing31.46EnglishBee Keeper
41Youtube RearingMechanization in Sericulture21.04EnglishBee Keeper
42Youtube RearingIntegrated sericulture farming Kannada BAIF Karnataka9.09KannadBee Keeper
43Youtube keeping14.1HindiBee Keeper
44Youtube Palan21.32HindiBee Keeper
45Youtube Silk Route9.11EnglishBee Keeper
46Youtube Rearing31.46EnglishBee Keeper
47Youtube farm of the year37.53EnglishBee Keeper
48Youtube Keeper
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